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YIIK Water Shelf
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October 26, 2007

 AV Enterprises
YIIK Water Shelf

With this product you get double duty:

  1. Store 20 gallons of emergency water in 2 1 / 2 gallon containers.

  2. Top shelf serves as a dispenser.
YIIK Water Shelf Animation
YIIK Water Shelf Empty

Only $59.95 plus tax & shipping.

No more than $15 anywhere in continental U.S.
Average shipping $10.

You will now have a simple and aesthetic way of storing emergency water that is recommended by all disaster relief organizations.
You might consider getting two for $99.95 plus tax & shipping.

Only $59.95 plus tax & shipping.
YIIK Water Shelf full

Wholesale prices for hardware stores are available.